dP Studio

Sound mixing & recording, Voice Over, Post-production in Turin 
"managed by Paolo Perotti (EBU provider) since 2004"

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surround film mix,
quality check, ambisonic sound design theatrical, dubbing, music prod, mastering,  remote recording

Latest News
2023: PODCAST "Serie C.Cultura" Compagnia S Paolo CSP Play (Music Composition, Rec, Mix
2023: Audible - ABP Pub (rec+mix
2023: Audio for VideoGames - Learning English Srl (rec+mix
2023: Tv Audio description - Forword (rec
2023: Deer Girl - Ventura/Vivo Film (SD+Cinema surround Mix
2022: Grease "Rise of the Pink Ladies" PARAMOUNT (ADR rec
2022: Jurassic World "Il dominio" UNIVERSAL/Arcadia (ADR rec
2022: FCA "500BEV" Prodigious/Leo Burnett (Loc. Recordist
2022: We wear culture Louis Vuitton SEASONS (re-rec + Mix
2021: Miles away - Pivot Pictures (Surround mix
2021: Tonino De Bernardi - Un tempo, un incontro (surround mix
2020: Chika, the dog in ghetto (re-recording & post-sound mixer
2019: Missing Nail with Peter Greenaway (Manager/Sound Mixer 
2019: Buio - Courier Film (Boom op. 
Some Gear:
Antelope Galaxy32, Neve 1073, Neumann U87Ai, AKG 414 Uls, Trident 24ch Console
API 512, Avid Protools Ultimate, 5x Adam A77x,SSL Fusion, SPL Mixdream, SoundDevice, Nugen+AudioEase Plugs, Source Connect provider
Some Instruments:
VINTAGE Drum Ludwig "Ringo" Black Oyster Pearl 1962
Vintage Fender Precision Bass 1977
Vintage Gibson 335TD 1974
1963 Bassman

Main Studio + Control Room
Vocal Booth

We're in Turin (Magazzini Docks Dora MCMXII) 
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Apple and Avid 110certification, Apple Digital Master and Source-Connect provider, Ambisonic ambiences, ADR dialogue and Sfx for 3D sound & music production:
I am a location sound mixer/recordist and post-production engineer, equipped with latest audio technologies and studio facilities. Some of our customers: Rai Broadcastig Television ITA, NHK digital Japan, European Broasdcasting Union, Museo del Cinema and much more.

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Studio Rates

Rec / ADR / Mix:

First and second hour 350 € tot. (includes 15 minutes for tests*).
extra charge +50 for Source Connect Standard*, Zoom.
Third and following hours 60 €.

For Italian customers, add 22% IVA (VAT)

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Audionauta di Perotti Paolo
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