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KLOTZ Patch Bay PB48SWx
PatcBay TRS / Jack Bil. 24x24 canali
Produttore: KLOTZ
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€ 299,00 iva incl.
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PatcBay TRS Jack 48 canali

10 Patch cables

- The extensive range of functions featured on the Klotz PB 48 SW enables it to
replace all types of patchbay.
- Cables can be connected without soldering.
- Used with KLOTZ Studioand Monocore-Looms, the PB 48 SW can solve almost
cabling problems.
- Delivery includes blank stickers and pre-printed standard labels plus 2x6
patch cables.
- 24x 2 connectors packed into a chassis with only 1 RU, for optimum
exploitation of rack spacing
- Modular construction: module cards are easy to rotate, allocating the required
function to each channel and easily interchangeable
- Easy fitting: no need for soldering and wiring
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