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Controller Hardware Live
Produttore: FADERFOX
€ 259,00 € 239,00 iva incl.
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L' LX2 Ť un piccolo controller di seconda" generazione - per l'utilizzo di
Ableton Live e altri software.

- Special controller for switch commands (optimized for Ableton Live)
- Setup files for Ableton Live are shipped with the controller
- Independent of operating system and computer type (PC or Mac) due to the
interface (no driver necessary)
- 3 groups of 12 coloured buttons - each group is switchable between 3 keysets
which are independently programmable
- Programmable are keymode (1 of 12 & toggle), cc/note number (in groups of
ascending numbers), channel (1-12), track (1-12) etc.
- mini-keyboard with octave-shift-buttons for fast triggering of any instrument
(octave, velocity, channel programmable)
- 12 setup memorys to store 3 keysets of each button group (12 setups x 3
keysets x 4 button groups)
- Parameter feedback of button statuses is indicated by LEDís (LIVE sends Mute
& FX)
- Independent power supply by standard or rechargeable batteries 3 x AA cell,
lifetime about 30 to 60 hours
- Powersave mode after 10 minutes of the last movement (flash light)
- LED battery control
- Socket for an external power adaptor (4.5-6V DC - min. 100 mA)
- Midi-merge function
- Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70
450 g)
- Silver aluminium front plate with anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and
- 49 LED's in different colors to display various information (low basic lights
of all LEDís for better orientation in dark club atmosphere)
- Expandable system by other micromodul controllers (easy chaining by midi
- Compatible to the 1st/2nd micromodul line (same cc/note numbers like LV1,
LV2, LC2, LD2)
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