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ADAM Artist 6
Monitor triamplificato, 2 woofer 4,5'', 105W RMS

Monitor triiamplificato, 2 woofer 4,5'', A.R.T tweeter, 105W RMS, ingressi XLR /

No longer is music restricted to a single room in the home. Over the last years,
portable units like MP3 players, smart phones, desk and laptop computers and
streaming clients offer music virtually anywhere you go. Often these sources can
be connected into multi-room systems and distributed throughout the house, but
having a pre-amplifier and amplifier or a receiver at every location is not viable.

Number 2
Basket Ų 4.5" (120 mm)
Voice coil Ų 1" (25 mm)
Cone material Carbon Fiber
Number 1
Type X-ART
Diaphragm area 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ų 2" (56 mm)
Velocity transform ratio 4:1
Diaphragm weight 0.17 g
Built-in Amplifiers
Mid-Woofer 2
Type A/B
Amp. power RMS / music 35 W / 50 W
Tweeter 1
Type A/B
Amp. power RMS / music 35 W / 50 W
Control panel
Input Sensitivity -∞ to +14 dB

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